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How would you feel if you moved next door to a registered sex offender? Or how about if you just hired one to be the nanny to your preschool daughter? These are the questions we hate to ask but must prepare for. As much as we would like to believe it is, the world we live in is just not a safe place and some of the most sensitive dangers out there are presented by sex offenders. Fortunately, it is required that they register publicly and we are here to help you protect who you interact with on a personal and professional level.

Sex offenders do not come with their track record imprinted on their forehead for you to easily avoid placing them in your life. You must do your due diligence. Sure you can post an ad and interview applicants and call their references. But will that tell you what you need to know to keep your family and business safe? If an applicant is applying for a position in which they will have exposure to children, disabled persons or the elderly (those generally more vulnerable and susceptible to crimes), this is a necessary and should be an automatic choice for you include on their background report from PublicRecordsNow.

For businesses, the very nature of a sex crime can present a severe liability to a business’ finances and public reputation if an employee engages in an offense involving a member of the community. Not only will this wreck havoc on your business, but imagine the personal guilt you will feel and responsibility for not having done your due diligence before you had hired them. Our sex offender background check service will protect not only your company, but the customers and community you serve.

For families, we know the safety of your loved ones always comes first, By protecting your children and those vulnerable in your home, you can rest assured that you have done your best to keep sex offenders at bay.

Our service is simple. We will run your applicant’s identifying information (Name, date of birth, Social Security Number, and address) though the National Sex Offender Registry, which is linked to all fifty states (including the District of Columbia).

Your PublicRecordsNow sex offender search will typically provide the following information:

  • Applicants name, birth date and address
  • Nature of the offense
  • State in which they are registered as a sex offender
  • Additional court information (Variable by state.)

It is important to note that sex offenders will often leave their offending state (to a place where people and businesses do not know them and are unfamiliar with their history). Many then willfully fail to re-register after having relocated from one state to another. This is a terrifying but real truth. That is where the PublicRecordsNow sex offender background check service really shines. We can help catch individuals who disregard legal mandates to maintain their offender status in the public and keep your family and businesses safe.


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