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We found 583 people that match in the United States.

  Name Age Aliases Addresses Found In Possible Relatives & Associates Available Information
1. Gwen A Barker 48 Glen Mills, PA
Concordville, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Cecilia M Armstrong
James J Armstrong
Jennifer C Armstrong
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2. Gwen L Barker 61 Minneapolis, MN
Tucson, AZ
Eden Prairie, MN
Grace Ruth Barker
Craig Thomas Coulter
Earl W Hipp
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3. Gwen L Barker N/A The Colony, TX
Stillwater, OK
Pensacola, FL
Susan Fallen Balette
John F Boland
Leslie Ann Just
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4. Gwen Barker 56 Buena Park, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Laramie, WY
Erika Shannon Barker
Linda L Manns
Alberto C Nunez
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5. Gwen D Barker 57 Cincinnati, OH
Dayton, OH
Harrison, MI
Agnes F Barker
Kevin D Barker
Ld D Barker
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6. Gwen Barker 52 Clarendon, TX
Amarillo, TX
Gwendolyn K Barker
Kara Barker
Kara Barker
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7. Gwen K Barker 59 Loma Linda, CA
The Dalles, OR
Brent J Barker
Gary R Barker
Gewn K Barker
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8. Gwen Barker 52 Houston, TX
Baytown, TX
Conroe, TX
John T Aldridge
Bobby Marshall Barker
Dianne Bolin Barker
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9. Gwen Dalynn Barker 36 Nashville, TN
Hoboken, NJ
New York, NY
David C Barker
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10. Gwen Barker 61 San Antonio, TX
Box Elder, SD
Larry Joe Barker
Larry Joe Barker
Jon W Maple
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  Name Age Aliases Addresses Found In Possible Relatives & Associates Available Information
11. Gwen E Barker 53 Arrington, TN
Nashville, TN
Rex W Barker
Bret Walters
Bret A Walters
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12. Gwen Barker 49 Chesterfield, VA
Chester, VA
Richmond, VA
Laura B Barker
Michael W Barker
Ricky W Barker
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13. Gwen Barker 77 Plano, TX
Frisco, TX
Aiken, SC
Rapp Elizabeth Barker
Suzanne Lee Barker
Marianne Barker Kraft
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14. Gwen E Barker 67 Traverse City, MI
Anthony J Barker
Gary Charles Barker
George Harry Barker
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15. Gwen Barker 29 Chicago, IL
Mount Prospect, IL
Atalissa, IA
Edward R Barker
Helen G Barker
Nell W Barker
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16. Gwen L Barker Deceased Hilton, NY
Rochester, NY
G E Barker
Gwen E Barker
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17. Gwen Barker 38 Albany, OR
Corvallis, OR
Lebanon, OR
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18. Gwen L Barker 73 Sayre, OK
Durham, OK
Christie Barker
Janet Sue Barker
Robert A Barker
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19. Gwen G Barker 62 Grayson, KY
Banner, KY
Pilgrim, KY
Ruth P Barker
Wanda S Greer
Jerry Lynn Hale
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20. Gwen W Barker 64 Mexia, TX
Louie Thomas Barker
Ulrike Agnes Beckham
Cynthia Wood Kennedy
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