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  Name Age Aliases Addresses Found In Possible Relatives & Associates Available Information
1. Ellen D Brown 53 Brecksville, OH
Cleveland, OH
Lakewood, OH
Ellen D Armstrong
Graham C Armstrong
Lester W Armstrong
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2. Ellen Brown 45 Louisville, KY
Leesville, LA
New Albany, IN
Ellen Brown
Mary Ellen Brown
Michael Fields
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3. Ellen L Brown 55 South Easton, MA
Quincy, MA
Easton, MA
Hellen Brown
Joan J Brown
Robert Marc Brown
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4. Ellen C Brown 59 Gorham, ME
Cornish, ME
Portland, ME
Harold F Bucknell
Matthew J Bucknell
Norine Bucknell
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5. Ellen Brown 78 Winder, GA
Auburn, GA
Kinsman, OH
Erin K Brown
Frederick J Brown
Guy W Brown
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6. Ellen L Brown 53 El Cajon, CA
Allentown, PA
San Diego, CA
Constance D Brown
Richard W Brown
Gayle S Kutzler
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7. Ellen G Brown 59 Cumberland, ME
Yarmouth, ME
Lewiston, ME
Melissa S Brown
Michael B Brown
Michael Robert Brown
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8. Ellen E Brown 63 Manakin Sabot, VA
Elkins, WV
Palm Harbor, FL
Geneva B Brown
Gail Lynn Lucas
Timothy H Lucas
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9. Ellen F Brown Deceased Fountain Valley, CA
Grand Junction, CO
Compton, CA
Charles Scott Brown
David R Brown
David R C Brown
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10. Ellen Ferraro Brown N/A Bronx, NY
Ellen Ferraro Brown
Dennis Ferraro
Dennis R Ferraro
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  Name Age Aliases Addresses Found In Possible Relatives & Associates Available Information
11. Ellen M Brown 75 Scottsboro, AL
Phoenix, AZ
Charlott E Brown
Elizabeth R Brown
Mary Lucille Brown
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12. Ellen M Brown 52 Richmond, VA
Highland Springs, VA
Falls Church, VA
Donald E Brown
James R Brown
Angela T Harvey
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13. Ellen I Brown Deceased Portland, OR
Lama R Brown
Tilisha Michelle Brown
Reaetta L Harris
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14. Ellen O Brown 48 Groton, MA
Cambridge, MA
Montara, CA
Caleb M Brown
Caleb R M Brown
John Henry Brown
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15. Ellen Brown 59 Mechanicsville, MD
Waldorf, MD
Hughesville, MD
Deborah L Brown
Joseph D Brown
Joseph S Brown
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16. Ellen Brown 50 Shelton, CT
Derby, CT
Ansonia, CT
Stacey M Brazier
Corinne K Brown
Matilda A Brown
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17. Ellen R Brown 55 Houston, TX
Demika Lyntrel Brown
Sonia Yvette Brown
Wyatt Ellen Brown
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18. Ellen Brown 64 Washington, MI
Sterling Heights, MI
Clinton Township, MI
Dennis Victor Brown
Jeff K Brown
Kristina L Brown
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19. Ellen J Brown 54 Watertown, MA
Waltham, MA
Everett, MA
James J Brown
Patricia A Brown
Paul L Lydon
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20. Ellen M Brown 54 Garland, TX
Mesquite, TX
Amanda L Brown
Michael Ray Brown
Cecelia M Foley-Toepfer
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Ellen C Brown 59 Portland, ME Current Address TRY 3-DAYS TRIAL
Ellen Brown 78 Kinsman, OH Current Address TRY 3-DAYS TRIAL